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Dear Zombies: Star Wars Edition

Last October, the For Zombies made our first appearance at the New York Comic Con and encouraged cosplayers to participate in a filming of a Dear Zombies episode.  It features a Q&A session where a living person asks the zombies … Continue reading

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Real Meat For Zombies

A couple of weeks ago, I had a post on the abomination that is lab-grown meat.  In our efforts to stay on top of things, I came across the following article on yet another silly breather idea.  I’m talking about … Continue reading

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ARG Zombies – Alternate Realty Meets the Undead

Here’s a novel and original mash up of augmented reality and zombie gaming: ARG Zombies.   GPS, zombies and competition are combined to create a game where you compete against fellow survivors, clear buildings of zombies and use strategically placed bar … Continue reading

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Dear Zombies – Post Production Shamble

This is a followup to John’s post last week regarding the 2011 Asbury Park Zombie Walk and filming possible Dear Zombies candidates.  After he returned, we downloaded all the clips onto a backup drive for safekeeping until we were ready … Continue reading

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For Zombies at a Zombie Walk

In a prior article, I wrote about my experiences asking people in costume to participate in a Dear Zombies letter at the 2011 New York ComicCon.  Well, a week later it was time for the Asbury Park Zombie Walk and … Continue reading

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