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Long Haired Zombie-Killing Freak #9

“Fuck you, asshole!” His breath was awful! Unsurprisingly, he swung again. This time it was a side-to-side strike, rather than an overhead attack. Fine. I studied a number of martial arts from childhood into my awkward college years. One of … Continue reading

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Here Comes Stir Fried Justice

Following the success of our win at the annual Blobfest Short Film competition, we were asked to submit a trailer to Newt Wallen’s movie project, Midnight Show.  It’s a collection of ‘70s style grindhouse trailers of movies that don’t exist.  … Continue reading

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Being Dead Shouldn’t Have to Be a Drag

As summer draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about what we can do as one big good-bye party. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of big vacation trips: too much stress, too much work, too many strangers … Continue reading

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Long Haired Zombie-Killing Freak #8

I smiled, remembering their faces, as I revved up the bike and pulled out on Rt. 29. Half a tick later, I turned right on Glebe Road, and headed down towards Ballston. The government did something particularly smart, in my … Continue reading

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Zombie Amusement Parks Not So Amusing

With the rise in popularity of shows like The Waking Dead, zombie awareness has been ever increasing.  Not a day goes by now that I don’t see a decal of a zombie family on the back of an SUV as … Continue reading

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