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Stir Fried Justice Released

In a prior post, I had discussed our filming of Stir Fried Justice. It was originally intended for inclusion in Newt Wallen’s project Midnight Show, a collection of grindhouse-style movie trailers. Regretfully, it will not be included.  That’s the bad … Continue reading

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A Party For the Rest of Us

Election Day is coming ever closer—rather like a distant, staggering figure that nevertheless will have you cornered and surrounded in minutes—and frankly it can’t come soon enough. The constant name-calling and mud-slinging is enough to put a zombie off her … Continue reading

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Long Haired Zombie-Killing Freak #12

With my shirt tied to the back of my motorcycle, I hopped on, kickstarted the monster and headed down Wilson Boulevard to do my business. I saw what I expected to see as I went along: broken windows, bloodstains, and … Continue reading

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