Coffin Apartments – Bring Them On

With each passing month, zombies have continued to grab headlines. The heat of summer got a few of us riled up and there were a couple of unfortunate incidents. Anti-zombie bigots in the media explained it away with bath salts. More recently, Danny Bonaduce had his face bit by a rabid fan – or perhaps an inexperienced zombie. Every day, more roamers join our ranks. You thought there was a population problem now. Try finding an apartment in New York after the zombie apocalypse is in full swing.  That thought would send any real estate agent running like a rage-infected zombie.

As the undead, we’re one and a half feet in the grave already. We really don’t need much space. A place to lay our head without fear of headshots is enough, preferably in a place with a high population and food supply. There’s plenty of housing opportunity in Tokyo which we’d find just perfect and cozy. Affordable coffin apartments are springing up like mushrooms on a blood soaked grave in Japan. They’re awfully popular among breathers. We try to live among the living in peace, although we do occasional leave one or two in pieces.  It’s not easy. The walls are far too thin and noisy carries. The living are far too noisy and prone to waking the dead.

There are some benefits.  Since the walls are so thin, we can eat through to our neighbor for some in-coffin dining.  There’s only one shower and most don’t manage to get in on a daily basis. Everyone stinks just as badly as we do. It’s so much easier to blend in.

At the moment, this trend is limited to only the most dense cities on the planet. As you breathers continue to overpopulate the planet, this trend is bound to continue and we look forward to it.

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