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For Zombies arose as a concept hatched during a brewing and grilling session back in June ’11.  We thought we could merge our love of these patio sports with our long-abiding interest in zombies and film the results.  “Grilling for Zombies” and “Brewing for Zombies” were filmed a month later.  On a whim, we selected our friend, Bob, for various forms of dismemberment and an ongoing theme was born.   Later, a soundtrack was provided by co-collaborator Shmoolie.  Upon releasing the films we realized we were having a lot of fun and decided to see where our ideas would take us.

Our videos can be found in the sidebar on the right and at: www.forzombies.tv

We can be contacted at zombies@forzombies.net or at our individual email addresses below.

Meet the Zombies

John IwaszSanj SuratiShmoolieBrandy de CusackDawn NapierSajel SuratiSteve Applebaum
James Crawford

John Iwasz

John Iwasz
Date of Reanimation: July 7, 2007
Cause of Death: Mauled shortly after using a vuvuzella to antagonize a bear
Astrological Sign: Flatline
Favorite Bands: Johnathan Coulton, Weird Al, Paul and Storm, MC Chris, MC Hawking
Email: john@forzombies.net
Before death, John was a software engineer, home brewer, writer and amateur runner. That didn’t help him outrun the bear. Today, he can be found frequenting microbreweries for sudsy brains or chasing squirrels for a quick meal. His love of good beer and hatred of squirrels carried over into undeath. At times, it’s hard to tell if he’s groaning for “brains….” or “grains…”

Sanj Surati

Sanj Surati
Date of Reanimation: June 6, 2006
Cause of Death: An unfortunate grilling mishap involving a small colony of rabid chipmunks.
Favorite Pickup Line: “Your brains, my tummy – let’s boogie!”
Favorite Bands: Fear, Black Flag, The Clash, Black Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, Geza X,The Misfits, AC/DC, Walter Wanderley, Frank Zappa
Email: sanj@forzombies.net
Prior to his reanimation, Sanj was a software engineer, martial artist and grilling enthusiast. Nowadays he can be found lurking in abandoned warehouses hunting for stray breathers and the occasional errant pet. He prefers to think of his reanimation as more of a reawakening and can often be heard moaning “Why can’t we all just be dead?”


Date of Reanimation: 11/20/2006 (the day after
the day the music died)
Cause of Death: A mob of angry townfolk
cornered Shmoolie in his office and impaled him through the neck with a pitchfork; natural causes.
Prior to his reanimation, Shmoolie was an attorney at law. Go figure. Now, Shmoolie is staggering towards a promising musical career. His dream is to perform a duet of Love Me (Fork) Tender with Elvis Presley’s corpse at New York’s Dead Kennedy Center.

Brandy de Cusack

Brandy de Cusack
Date of Reanimation: 24 July 2008
Cause of Death: Neck broken during dwarf-throwing contest.
Life Coaches: Hunter S. Thompson, Spike Milligan, Basil Fawlty and Divine
Favorite Bands: Gary Numan, Hybrid, Soft Cell, Ladytron, Kraftwerk, Japan,Black Crowes, The Damned
Before death Brandy was a geek and anxious paranoid who liked to dress up in movie costumes to scare children for charity. Now she likes to dress up in movie costumes to eat children for charity, and thrill Silent Hill fanboys with her realistic Dark Nurse impressions. She is a founding member of the Zombie Liberation Front and her goal in life is total and brutal world dominance. She also enjoys crochet and fine art. Brandy also maintains her own blog:
She can be found on Twitter:
Brandy published a zombie novel:

Dawn Napier

Dawn Napier
Date of Reanimation: 10 April 2009
Cause of Death: Nibbled to death by ducks.
Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Peter Straub, Brian Keene and Mira Grant
Thirty-something married mother of three. Lifelong horror fan. “The Cabin in the Woods” rocked my world. Dawn also maintains her own blog:
She can be found on Twitter:

Sajel Surati

Sajel Surati
Date of Reanimation: October 31, 2011
Cause of Death: Buried in an avalanche of stuffed animals.
Loves To: Bite the heads off Barbie dolls
Favorite Bands: Lady Gaga,Weird Al Yankovic,The Go-Gos,Joan Jett,The Beatles
Prior to her reanimation, Sajel was a full-time student. After the accident, she tried to go back to school but was strongly discouraged from this by the local school board and an outraged PTA. Her sad plight is currently being looked into by the ACLU and several zombie rights organizations. She can be found shambling aimlessly in recently looted toy stores and occasionally appearing in For Zombies Productions videos.

Steve Applebaum

Steve Applebaum
Date of Reanimation: October 29, 2011
Cause of Death: Tripped and fell backwards into a pot of boiling gumbo.
Favorite Bands: The Moody Blues, The Bee Gees
Before his accident Steve was a chef at Cajun Kate’s in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, as well as a highly accomplished CPA. He’s now spending eternity groaning show tunes and serving up cocktails to the undead. His favorite drinks are the Bloody Mary, the Brain Hemorrhage and of course the Zombie. He’s no longer cooking as much since he prefers his meat raw. He’s also appeared in several of our productions and has been a great help around the set and behind the camera.

James Crawford

James Crawford
Date of Reanimation: March 21, 2012
Cause of Death: A spark at the wrong time.
Loves To: Hide in barbeque grills, pretending to be charcoal
Before burning to a crisp, James was the author of “Blood-soaked and Contagious,” and the sequel “Blood-soaked and Invaded”. He still maintains his blog www.bloodsoakedandwriting.com when no one is looking. You can also find him lurking around www.newbiewriters.com, giving advice to the living. Track him down on Twitter @crawford4033

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