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Real Zombies Don’t Get Caught

Last week, in response to a number of possible “zombie” attacks, David Daigle of the CDC sent a message to the Huffington Post in which he stated the “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate … Continue reading

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Review: Incurable

Incurable is a work of short fiction by Brandy de Cusack.  As a point of fairness, I suppose I should mention that Brandy de Cusack also contributes to this website – so yeah – I might be a little biased … Continue reading

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For Zombies Shambles Through Limerick, PA

Aside from the obvious reference to a nonsense rhyme, Limerick also happens to be a town in Pennsylvania and the location of a large nuclear generating station.  Our current in progress production, a mashup of zombies and “The Blob” involves … Continue reading

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Review: Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy

It’s a fairly safe assumption when you pick up a zombie fiction novel that it’s going to be told from the eyes of the breathers.  There’s usually a viral outbreak of some type that goes, from the meatbag point-of-view, horribly … Continue reading

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For Zombies vs. Snow White – Part 2

As I recounted in last week’s post, I’ve compiled the retelling of Snow White from our For Zombies Twitter Feed.  At the end of last week’s post, Bashful had just pushed Sleepy out from Grumpy’s machine gun nest and we … Continue reading

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