Shmoolie’s Lair

Welcome to Shmoolie’s Lair!  Herein you’ll find a number of musical selections that have been recorded by Shmoolie at various times as part of his involvement with the For Zombies team.

In August of 2011, when Sanj & John were tossing around ideas for how to get music into their videos, Sanj  turned to John and said – “Wait – I know just the guy”.  He called Shmoolie (aka Spencer Lerner), who agreed to be involved in their endeavors, and has been providing his wacky brand of original music for For Zombies Productions since then.

He and Sanj went to high school together in the 80’s and were involved in a punk band named JBH (Jew Black Hindu) which opened for such Northwest punk legends as The Dehumanizers and Girl Trouble.  Aside from our videos, Shmoolie’s music has also been played on The Dr. Demento Show.

In addition to producing his unique style of music, he also builds custom guitars (which are used in a number of the songs below) and they may be purchased at the following stores:

Georgetown Music in Seattle
Westwood Music in Los Angeles

Stir Fried Funk

We were offered up an opportunity to create a fake 70’s grindhouse karate trailer for possible inclusion in a much longer project.  The trailer was called Stir Fried Justice and we shot some music from old 70’s porno and blaxploitation films by Shmoolie.  Here’s what he came up with.  Turn up that funky ass bass!

Listen to Stir Fried Funk

Zombie Surf Theme

The original 1958 film The Blob had a wacky surf theme to go with it.  When we first discussed music for Blobageddon with Shmoolie he strongly advised us that we had to have surf music in our production.  Darn good thing we listened to him.  You only get the first 30 seconds or so of this at the end of the film – here is is in all its unfettered glory!

Listen to Zombie Surf Theme

Love Theme of The Blob

So we had our super cool surf music for Blobageddon – but we needed something silly for when we started travelling with The Blob.  Shmoolie popped out this little nugget around around the time we were coming up with the photo montage idea.  The first time we saw the photo montage set to this music – we knew we were getting into some serious lunacy.

Listen to Love Theme of The Blob

Zombie Bossa Nova

A clip from this song is always used in our closing credits, and it appears in various forms sprinkled throughout Brewing for Zombies and Grilling for Zombies.  When we proposed it to Shmoolie we asked for something that sounded like The Girl From Ipanema but with zombies.

Listen to Zombie Bossa Nova

Zombie Disco Time

We wanted some party music for Cocktails for Zombies and were thinking that disco might  be fun.  Shmoolie came through in spades.

Listen to Zombie Disco Time

Blue Danube

When we were editing Football For Zombies we weren’t sure if we were going to use music.  Then Sanj remembered he had this gem lying around on his hard drive from a couple of years back.  We asked Shmoolie if we could use this unique take on Blue Danube and he  said “Sure!”

Listen to Blue Danube

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