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Until Death?

The issue of marriage equality has been all over the news lately. More and more polls indicate that the majority of Americans support the granting of equal marriage rights to consenting adults of all races, sexes, and stages of decay. … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Get Out of My Brain

Spring is here at last, and the fear of limb loss due to freezing has finally passed. My little shamblers made it through the winter with only two fingers and six toes lost in total. This isn’t bad for them; … Continue reading

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Make Up For Zombies

We at For Zombies don’t let anything stop us, least of all common sense.  No experience – we’ll muddle our way through it.  And we’ve been muddling our way through make up as evidenced by the photo of ourselves in … Continue reading

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Zombie Art Appreciation

We admit it, we zombies don’t know much about art. Sure, the Moanin’ Lisa’s fine and so’s the Scream. We can appreciate any artist who’s willing to hack off part of himself and save us some trouble. We know what … Continue reading

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Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun (Go Ahead and Groooaaaannnn At That One.)

Last weekend I took my little ghouls sledding, something we do at every single opportunity since snow is such a fickle thing in our part of the country, and Spring is coming. The Spring thaw is a mixed blessing for … Continue reading

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