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Long Haired Zombie-Killing Freak: Final Installment

It was about that time, standing in the middle of the bar, with a gore-dripping head in my hand, that I realized how surreal the aftermath of violence can be. Everyone seemed to float away, out and about on their … Continue reading

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Sweets for the … Well, Anyone Really

An arctic chill has swept the land, freezing breather and zombie alike in its icy grip. Everyone is ducking and seeking cover, struggling to find shelter before the deep cold destroys their will to live. This can only mean one … Continue reading

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Union Dues and Don’ts

Our local school district is experiencing a teacher strike. Since I homeschool my little shamblers, it doesn’t affect me directly. It has changed things around the neighborhood, though. Usually in the middle of the day there’s nothing to chase but … Continue reading

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For Zombies Timeline

The For Zombies team has gotten its first speaking engagement!  We’re going to need a groan translator, a back-up groan translator after we eat the primary groan translator, a back-up for the back-up and maybe another spare.  Any volunteers?  We’re … Continue reading

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Shambling in a Winter Wonderland

The holidays are finally over, and winter is well and truly upon us. Now that we’re finally done with the mad rush of cooking dinners and shopping for people (and sometimes vice versa), my little shamblers and I are finally … Continue reading

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