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The Zombie Casserole Chronicles – Part Two

Filming day arrived and we were armed with shot sheets, cameras, release forms and catering.  We don’t want our cast and crew to go hungry.  A few would be made up as zombies later in the day and, while we … Continue reading

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The Zombie Casserole Chronicles – Part One

Several months ago, after going to several conventions and film festivals, John and I met a number of different filmmakers who were pulling off productions for staggeringly small sums of money.  Over bourbon we asked ourselves “Why couldn’t we do that?” … Continue reading

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Jesusween. Really?

Holy crap, Jesusween is a real thing. For the past month I’ve been convinced that everyone I knew was a victim of Poe’s Law. But no—there really is a segment of the Christian population that lives to spread the good … Continue reading

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Long Haired Zombie-Killing Freak #18

My testicles—the Panza Twins—were howling. I rolled around on the ground, waiting for the enemy’s final technique. You know the one that thoroughly destroys the opponent? That one. I wish I could say I hated the he was going to … Continue reading

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Coffin Apartments – Bring Them On

With each passing month, zombies have continued to grab headlines. The heat of summer got a few of us riled up and there were a couple of unfortunate incidents. Anti-zombie bigots in the media explained it away with bath salts. … Continue reading

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