Dear Zombies

As part of our ongoing campaign to raise public awareness of the unique point of view of the undead, we have created a series of advice columns entitled “Dear Zombies”.  We hope after viewing these episodes that you come to understand that zombies have feelings too.  Remember – zombies just want hugs.

Episode 5 – in which She-Hulk and a klingon ask us for the answers to all life’s problems.

Episode 4 – in which the great Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films asks us for advice on a problem with zombies on his movie sets.

Star Wars Edition – in which we shamble to the aid of Slave Leia only to get distracted with some new toys.

Episode Three – in which other members of the undead ask us relevant questions about their unlives.

Kids Edition – in which several children ask us questions on topics such as school and video games.

Episode Two – in which we provide advice regarding common Thanksgiving emergencies.

Episode One – in which we provide relationship advice to some famous costumed superheroes.

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